My Best Body Ever… How I Did It!

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Hi, my name is Dr. Robert Kenevan and I am the Medical Director and Surgeon at the Avalon Clinic. Over the past 25+ years I’ve been fortunate to help many women get their bodies back after child birth.

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One woman in particular stands out in my mind and I would like to share her story:
(For confidentiality reasons I’ve changed her name to Molly)

Molly is a 35 year old mother with three children, ages 11, 9 and 7. She’s been married to her husband John for 13 years and loves raising a family. It was really important for Molly to be a good mom.

After her second child she noticed some changes in her body. Her breasts had gotten smaller and lost shape. At that time she really didn’t think much about it. She just loved being a mom.

By the time she had her third child Molly noticed her body changed even more. She had to have an emergency C-section which left ugly stretch marks, flabby skin, and a frustrating hangover on her stomach.

Not only that, but Molly’s breasts were deflated and smaller than ever before. (She wasn’t able to find a bra that would fit.) She began padding her bra and wore three shirts to hide her small breasts. Molly even stopped undressing in front of her husband and you can just imagine what her body perception did for her sex life! Molly knew she was a great mom, but she lost her confidence as a woman.

Then something unexpected happened…

During an annual BBQ Molly was surprised to see an old friend from high school she hadn’t seen for years. (Both had married around the same time and had children close to the same age.)

Molly was shocked at how stunning her friend looked. Her body was actually more attractive than when they graduated from high school.

What was her secret?

Her friend shared that she too had struggled with body changes after childbirth and decided to do something for herself.

She got a “Mommy Makeover” from Avalon Clinic. Now not only is she happier, but so is her entire family. After all, when mothers feel good about themselves, they can’t help but make family life more pleasant!

The answer to a happier you is right around the corner!

When Molly got a chance she pulled her friend aside and said: “What’s your Secret? You REALLY look amazing”!

What Molly’s friend shared was her experience with the amazing staff at Avalon Clinic and our philosophy to treat patients like family.

Anyone who comes through our doors will know the doctors and staff TRULY care. Avalon Clinic is not a “surgery mill.” We listen to your needs and discuss multiple options to help you make a clear decision that’s right for YOU. There is never any pressure on our patients to make a choice.

If you can relate to…

  • Feeling ashamed to undress in front of your husband.

  • Being embarrassed to wear a bathing suit on vacation, even in front of family and friends.

  • Hiding behind baggy clothes so no one can see the size of your breasts or the excess skin on your stomach.

  • Feeling frustrated to walk into Victoria Secret and find a sexy bra that truly fits.

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